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  • Layla Layla Dec 27, 2012 14:05 Flag

    villa & jan transfer window!

    great win against villa! enough of the positives already!

    the 1st half again highlightes our big problem.
    if teams just defend we rarely even create a good chance.

    we still need to work out how to score against teams who sit back & defend.

    the 2nd half villa attacked us more & that is when we are at our best. we need that space to be able to be effective when attacking.
    we still miss a modric type player too. if dembele gets injured we are stuffed in the middle of the park again.

    moutinho or banega in jan!

    great to see parker on the pitch again. he is a good option for us.
    & also sandro works his socks off so could do with a rest now & then!

    up until his recent injury, Dempsey was much improved & becoming a good reliable player for us.

    & now sig has been much improved in his last few cameos.
    good movement to set up the bale 3rd goal yesterday.
    unlucky with a great header against stoke.
    good play to set up 1 of the goals against Fulham too.

    dembele & vertoghen have been good all along. & lloris looks like a good solid keeper.

    so looks like all 5 signings have improved our team & squad.

    friedel here for another 2yrs Is a good move.
    good back up to lloris.

    in jan we need a playmaker & another strong striker.
    playmaker is the priority.
    ideally id like another LB like baines.

    so im going to say this-



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    • I really can't see us David Moyes allowing Baines to go this coming window, and I'm sceptical about us having any chance of signing either/both Llorente & Moutinho, though I'm happy to be proved wrong naturally.

      More likely are potential short-term loan signings - though who they might be is anyone's guess.

      Of far more concern is the rumour about Benny going, if those doing the rounds have any traction - though naturally I sincerely hope they're total cr@p.

    • Steady on SB, you almost sound pleased we won, lol
      I agree with your in's for jan, plus Willian, but I fear we wont break the recent habit of not spending big in jan, much as we need too.
      also agree with the out's, cant see harry wanting any of those though ( maybe hudd's ) so dont know who would want them. your priority target's are spot on imo playmaker followed by striker, then full back option's.