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  • Joe Joe Dec 30, 2012 23:22 Flag

    Looking Better?.....

    Hey JL,

    Have a great New Year, If we don't converse before hand,

    I agree regarding the back 4, I'd like to see BAE Vertonghen Kaboul Walker, taking current injuries into account I'd prefer us to keep Vert as a CB and Rotate Daws and Caulker, with Walker at RB and Naughton at LB, but if Gallas plays as he did against the Swans he deserves some football. I'm not sure if the rotation is through necessity or a new manager weighing up his options. We could call Rose back as cover for BAE?!

    IMO we have played much better and actually pretty well throughout December, the Stoke game was frustrating but not unexpected.

    Just how god is Bale? IMO he is the best 'fast' player in the league, the combination of speed, power and technical ability is very rarely seen.

    Oh and he has been unfairly targeted by refs recently! Defoe's dive was awful, whereas Bale was caught!


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    • It will be interesting to see what AVB does when Kaboul and BAE are fit. Personally, I still like Daws and the way he dominates aerially - but it will be a long second half of the season and with the other competitions, plenty of pitch time is up for grabs. I'd just like to see a settled EPL squad.

      Bale is quick with his feet, and good with his head. I can see him doing a Walcott at some point and looking to play a more central role. Big enough, strong enough and with the speed to scare a CB pairing to death.

      I think they should get the refs on a pitch running at full speed, and then let Bale challenge them, and see if they can stay on their feet. It's odd isn't it? If someone aims a hand at your head, you automatically move your head out of the way - that's accepted - why can't the refs then see, that even if he doesn't get 'hit', that by trying to avoid a challenge he (or any other player) could lose his (their) footing. That to me isn't diving. Difficult for a ref to judge the difference though eh?

      Here's to 2013 and Bale (and Lennon) scaring more defences to death and to Daffy scoring 20 EPL goals...!

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      • Hey JL and H,

        I hope you both have a fantastic New Years eve and a great 2013, any new years resolutions?

        Keep Bale and Lennon fit and watch them terrify defenders, although Bale has been getting the headlines, partially for the wrong reasons (non dives) Lennon has been great recently. IMO his work rate and team ethic seems to have markedly improved.

        IMO Bale could play in any attacking position he chose, he's that good. We will struggle to keep him in the summer.

        I can't make excuses for Bale, he has dived in the past, sadly he seems to have been cast in that role now and Ref's seem to have marked his card! Although some of the bookings he's received recently have been wholly unfair.

        All the best,