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  • Alan H Alan H Dec 31, 2012 12:22 Flag

    Looking Better?.....

    Just dropped in to wish you lot all the best. It's an interesting progress, the team's starting to come out of their shell sort of and cause damage.
    As regards up north here, it's all a bit iffy to say the least.

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    • Odd season so far H eh?
      Toon looking a bit bleak after last season's flurry, and Sunderland playing in fits and starts.
      I wouldn't bet on any of the bottom 10 staying up this season - a good or bad run of two or three games and the whole group changes. At this stage, Villa look a good bet to go down. And 'arry and QPR look doomed (especially given their lack lustre performance against Pool) already.

      The Joys of Football Northern Style (to paraphrase Chris Rea)

      PS For all those table football freaks out there - who remember their youth playing Subutteo - the old 4-2-4 has been relaunched. Brilliant game. Got a set for Crimbo - the last set I had was way back in the seventies...what a nostalgic pressie.