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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2012 09:26 Flag

    Nearly safe.......lol

    Only need 4 points to be safe for next year in the EPL, much to most of AVB's detractors' annoyance.
    If we can double our current total we "should" be in the CL as well next season!
    Happy new year to all our supporters and friends on here.
    COYS in 2013.

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    • LTS,
      After a shaky period, they may just have hit some vein of 'better' football.
      I must admit, I'm still not convinced by AVB, but the results have been good despite some of the performances. So here's to the performances improving into 2013 and the results staying where they have been or even better.
      CL looks achievable at this point - although I'm still concerned about the Chavs and Woolwich regaining enough form/results - should make an interesting second half though.

      All the best to all for 2013....

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      • Very Nearly...........safe! he he

        There is little doubt in my mind that the second half of the season will be just as tough if not more so than the first half and without doubt the chavs, everton and goons will be very, very tough competition.

        Sadly, I'm with JL regarding AVB, I am yet to be 100% convinced by him or his methods.

        However, I said at the start of the season I'd make a judgement on him by xmas and despite my reservations, he's done ok, all things considered.

        I will persist with looking at our current form/performance holistically. IMO there are many reasons far beyond AVB's control which have and will continue to influence our ability to 'Play The Tottenham Way', not least Levy who appears to retracting all financial support/investment, which most of agree we need.

        I won't be calling for AVB's head (yet), despite some of the drivel that comes out of it, IMO he's improving all the time, hopefully the rest of the team will continue to follow suit.

        To all y'all,

        Have a superb New Years Eve and a great 2013!

        The futures Bright, Its Lilywhite!


    • Happy NewYear to you LTS and all the rest of our beloved SPURS fans.
      Hope the New Year brings you all you wish for and that the mighty Spurs good run of form continues.
      I for one would be happy for the table to end as it currently stannds and maybe a trophy to go with it.
      Again HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
      SPURS FOREVER..................atb..........jeffall