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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 3, 2013 09:48 Flag

    Posts AND threads going missing?....

    I watched the Reading game last night. Again we seem to be 'getting there'. Still not that sparkle, but individual players seem to be doing their bit. Gyfi seemed far more composed, and Lennon continued to play well. Naughton, after a real dodgy start to the season, seems to be finding his confidence - still not perfect but far better - likewise for Walker who seemed to have a severe confidence issue.
    As for the goals and being clinical - well Ade had missed two or three good chances over the past few games. Maybe that will change now he's scored? And where last season (and to a degree this) the shots from outside the box from VdV and Bale were hitting home. Now we don't have a VdV replacement in the scoring stakes in Dembele/Dempsey/Gylfi - as yet. But Dempsey and Gylfi both look far 'brighter' than they did - so maybe they'll pick up on the goals in the second half of the season?