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    Posts AND threads going missing?....

    I know a thread went missing - but I thought I'd posted here over the past couple of days, and that post seems to have gone as well (or maybe that 6th pint of Harvey's mixed with homebrew while watching the Womack on Jools killed off my last brain cell). Maybe Yahoo/Eurosport have introduced an AI censor that looks at the posts and if they're not up to standard, deletes them.

    Good result against Reading again. With Woolwich looking poor against the Saints, it was another good day at the office. Haven't seen the game as yet though, but the reports seem to piant a bright picture.

    I'm just about to play another game of the old 4-2-4 TAF Premier League Soccer that I got for Chrimbo. Hope the pitch is flat this time, as my silky passing moves were interrupted last time by the ironed in creases in the surface. I may use the game as a predictor for the next Spurs game - although I think any 10-0 score is unlikely in reality.

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    • All in all it's been a pretty good festive season points wise, display wise, and opponent-results wise (our near competitors in the league I mean - thanks 'Arry for a cheeky favour today, I'd have settled for Chelski getting a draw).

      BUT: while we've had some comprehensive wins, we've been playing teams we 'should' be able to beat, and arguably should have beaten them more thoroughly. Two points in case: 1) vs Villa, at half time we'd had 15 corners to Villa's 1, and yet the score was still 0-0, and 2) the stats from the Reading gam: https://twitter.com/SpursOfficial/status/286153254826557441/photo/1.

      Now, obviously we're playing in 'the right way' and getting in the right places, but you'd think if you get 30 shots you should maybe get more than 3 in the net. I'm really not complaining about the outcomes, but I'd like to see the team getting a touch more clinical again; we won't have games like these every week and have the luxury of missing 90% of our shots.

      In particular 2 things I noticed:

      1) we are slipping up on set pieces again (hence the 15 corners, no goals) - we started to improve with them a while back, but it's disappointing at present.

      2) we've been disappointing when 'straight' attacking; against Sunderland we were all over the first half possession, but our goals came once we 'let them have it' a bit in the second half and scored on the counter, and it was the same with Villa. While that's sort of to be expected given the opposition (i.e. when we're attacking they'll happily park the bus), it goes back to us needing to be more clinical when in front of goal.

      I'm really not complaining, I'm very happy with 10 out of the last 12 points, especially with how the teams around us have done, I just think we need to be aware that it's not necessarily been as easy as the scorelines imply and consider how it'll be against higher placed teams. The transfer window's probably come at a good time to help resolve this.

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      • NBR,
        I watched the Reading game last night. Again we seem to be 'getting there'. Still not that sparkle, but individual players seem to be doing their bit. Gyfi seemed far more composed, and Lennon continued to play well. Naughton, after a real dodgy start to the season, seems to be finding his confidence - still not perfect but far better - likewise for Walker who seemed to have a severe confidence issue.
        As for the goals and being clinical - well Ade had missed two or three good chances over the past few games. Maybe that will change now he's scored? And where last season (and to a degree this) the shots from outside the box from VdV and Bale were hitting home. Now we don't have a VdV replacement in the scoring stakes in Dembele/Dempsey/Gylfi - as yet. But Dempsey and Gylfi both look far 'brighter' than they did - so maybe they'll pick up on the goals in the second half of the season?