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  • Joe Joe Jan 12, 2013 15:52 Flag

    Everyone happy with AVB?

    SB, does life ever feel like a trudge, because the way your emails read it sounds like you are constantly depressed, speak to your GP! get some Amoryn, failing that a night out with Mandy may help, seriously your messages read like we're bottom 4 material.

    FACT WARNING: Please ignore this bit SB: We had 16 shots, half of which were on target, if we are creating only 1 chance, how can it be we had so many shots? how were we in position to make those shots if we weren't making any chances.

    Cesar was outrageously good! his double save, which you alluded to, was world class.

    Hill, Nelson and Derry did their jobs incredibly well, We dominated the game, but those individuals had exceptionally good games.

    I agree regarding Lennon and Bale, that was the reason we appeared to bulldoze our way through the middle, whereas if they stayed in their natural positions its possible we would have more success, as we would have opened their defence more.

    Some of your points are IMO right on the money, its the delivery that makes it seem like we are about to implode and vanish from the footballing world, either that or you are a master of understatement.

    Someone posed the question of: Which player (s) will we regret selling? at the time I argued the case for Tarrabt and KPB and was ridiculed for it! Tarrabt is superb and will be top class within 5 years! we will seriously regret selling him- I tell theee!