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  • rich s rich s Jan 12, 2013 20:30 Flag

    Everyone happy with AVB?

    I fully agree with Sugarbabe. She is spot on.

    We do find it difficult to break teams down considering the possession we have. Especially when the game is level. Its as if we are too predictable/lack ideas. For the standard of players we have, we should have more of a cutting edge in this situation.

    Take the Sunderland 2-1 away win. We had lots of possession, and did'nt look like scoring until the og. Then once Sunderland had to attack after going 1 down, we looked more deadly.

    Where I am, I have to watch the games at silly times, so excuse me if my information is a bit out.

    On the bright side, we are currently top 4. So we are doing things right, we just need a slight tweak. Read on..

    If we became more deadly up front, it would perfect performance. However, would it affect the balance of the team? I recommend a simple switch. Replace Adebayor with a world class centre forward is all we need to do. Bring in Aguero or Dzeko like quality, and we would be firing on all cylinders.

    It would give us a new cutting edge. Something different and more dynamic whilst maintaining dominance and stability. Sell the crap like Bentley/Gomez etc and bring in one player not far from being a world class player that we can help make world class. Spurs scouts, its over to you.