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  • McMullan McMullan Jan 10, 2013 04:48 Flag

    Everyone happy with AVB?

    Just wondering lads and lasses.

    Happy New Year to all me Lilywhite mates


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    • I think AVB has received a lot of unfair criticism no matter what he does. Some Spurs fans and the media baulked at the idea of us playing 4-5-1 saying we were crying out for a 4-4-2. Recently, he's been called into question for not realising that Adebayor and Defoe cannot play together.

      The media asking him about his handling of Lloris looking for any excuse to show him up - now Lloris is settling and playing well I'd say AVB did a good job here and is right to say he'll play players based on merit, not reputation.

      He has had to work with a new look attacking midfield following the departure of our two most creative players, and despite how average Sigurdsson and Dempsey have been is working with them to try and get the best out of them (Dempsey said so himself in an interview).

      AVB also doesn't talk complete codsh*t to the media nor contradict himself. Time will tell if he's able to steer us to any kind of success but it's the same old story with Levy - not investing in the squad when we need it, letting players slip by and join our rivals. If we do finish in the top 4 this season that'd be a phenomenal achievement, but if we don't I would not write AVB off at all just yet, and allow him time - and money - to build a great team.

    • Well - I'm going to come out and say that I'm liking what he is doing at the lane. Initially I didn't like what he was doing at all - then I got a sense of what he was trying to do and I think that he is starting to succeed. I believe he is implementing what might be considered a 'successful European style of play" - we're certainly no Barcelona, but I see him trying to implement a structure and style that is going in that direction. So as a long term investment I think he is definitely doing a good job and trying to take the club to where we need to be if we are to be a successful EPL and European Club.

    • put me firmly in the non-AVb believers court

    • Happy New Year soppy!

      AVB - jury' still out, we're not much better or worse than this time last year, so we'll see if he gets named as a possible Portuguese National Team Manager and we fall to bits again like last season (or we actually make the CL...3rd place would be nice...but not holding my breath for it.

    • I think the last few games have been quite telling for us; ultimately we're better on the counter. I've not checked back on previous results, but the teams 5th to maybe 12th seem to be the ones we do best against, as they'll have a bit of a go which opens them up for our counter. Any higher and we're not clinical enough, any lower and they're just trying not to lose, which we can't seem to break down (I guess lack of being clinical again).

      I didn't watch most of the second half closely, but I was happy enough with our first half performance; I thought it was open and attacking, and for the first time in a long time I wasn't too fussed about going in 0-0 at half time. Usually it makes me worry that we've not capitalised on it by then, but based on recent results I wasn't too worried.

      I was wrong, but it was nice to have that confidence for a while!

    • Although I think the swapping of Lennon and Bale congested the penalty area, which didn't help with creating GOOD chances, I think it really identified the need for a Moutinho type player to open up these teams that park the bus! Yes we also need someone who can hit the onion bag regularly too!!
      I know it's "what if and but" but, IF Defoe's or Ade's follow up had gone in, the game would have opened up and I think we would have scored more and won. The QPR player that was talking to Sky after the game said "It was a game changing moment"

    • I fully agree with Sugarbabe. She is spot on.

      We do find it difficult to break teams down considering the possession we have. Especially when the game is level. Its as if we are too predictable/lack ideas. For the standard of players we have, we should have more of a cutting edge in this situation.

      Take the Sunderland 2-1 away win. We had lots of possession, and did'nt look like scoring until the og. Then once Sunderland had to attack after going 1 down, we looked more deadly.

      Where I am, I have to watch the games at silly times, so excuse me if my information is a bit out.

      On the bright side, we are currently top 4. So we are doing things right, we just need a slight tweak. Read on..

      If we became more deadly up front, it would perfect performance. However, would it affect the balance of the team? I recommend a simple switch. Replace Adebayor with a world class centre forward is all we need to do. Bring in Aguero or Dzeko like quality, and we would be firing on all cylinders.

      It would give us a new cutting edge. Something different and more dynamic whilst maintaining dominance and stability. Sell the crap like Bentley/Gomez etc and bring in one player not far from being a world class player that we can help make world class. Spurs scouts, its over to you.

    • "FACT WARNING: Please ignore this bit SB: We had 16 shots, half of which were on target, if we are creating only 1 chance, how can it be we had so many shots? how were we in position to make those shots if we weren't making any chances."

      joe, theres no point me responding if u ignore what I say to suit your argument.

      I said we aren't creating good chances. a long shot with a load of bodies in front of your isn't a good chance. yes it goes down as a shot on target.

      please enlighten me on all the really good chances we missed today?!!!

      come on joe, be honest. the only time we looked like scoring was the double save.

      that's it.

      u can pretend its me being negative. but even hoddle agreed & im sure he isn't biased against us for obvious reasons.

      as hoddle said, it was lacklustre again today. not a bad performance. but very low on creativity & GOOD chances.

      in fact a great block from dawson stopped a certain SWP goal. & only a fresh air shot from SWP saved another goal for them.

      so for all our dominance, we ended up with 1 really good chance & they had 2.

      that's my problem joe. we are in control of games without really creating GOOD chances.
      than all it takes it 1 good bit of play or a mistake & it leaves the team we are dominating with a GOOD chance.

    • SB, does life ever feel like a trudge, because the way your emails read it sounds like you are constantly depressed, speak to your GP! get some Amoryn, failing that a night out with Mandy may help, seriously your messages read like we're bottom 4 material.

      FACT WARNING: Please ignore this bit SB: We had 16 shots, half of which were on target, if we are creating only 1 chance, how can it be we had so many shots? how were we in position to make those shots if we weren't making any chances.

      Cesar was outrageously good! his double save, which you alluded to, was world class.

      Hill, Nelson and Derry did their jobs incredibly well, We dominated the game, but those individuals had exceptionally good games.

      I agree regarding Lennon and Bale, that was the reason we appeared to bulldoze our way through the middle, whereas if they stayed in their natural positions its possible we would have more success, as we would have opened their defence more.

      Some of your points are IMO right on the money, its the delivery that makes it seem like we are about to implode and vanish from the footballing world, either that or you are a master of understatement.

      Someone posed the question of: Which player (s) will we regret selling? at the time I argued the case for Tarrabt and KPB and was ridiculed for it! Tarrabt is superb and will be top class within 5 years! we will seriously regret selling him- I tell theee!


    • same old again today. dominated for large spells but rarely opened them up & didn't create many good chances.
      id say just the ade chance from the rebound off defoes shot, was the only really good chance we created.

      hoddle repeated exactly what I said at the end of the match.
      -we rarely opened them.
      -we only really made 1 good chance & that was from a long shot rebound!
      -we played far too narrow & looked to bulldoze our way through a crowded middle area.
      -its a small pitch yet we made it even smaller by squeezing in to the middle,
      -bale & lennon swapped wings far too early again.

      but im sure u will get the stats where we had lots of attempts & shots at goal. despite the fact in reality we only looked like scoring from a rebound off a long range shot.

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