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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 12, 2013 01:08 Flag

    Two questions

    1. We need more up front, Man City are trying to offload Balotelli... would you want him?

    2. Who would you rather sign, Balotelli or Suarez?

    For me, I think 1) If we still had Redknapp or Jol then probably, but I don't think AVB's the manager who would tame him even short term. Sadly. I might still sign him for the comedy value, but only in a virtual world!

    And 2) Balotelli all day long; I'd rather a nutter than a cheat.

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    • NBR, we do need more upfront IMO

      1. I wouldn't want Balotelli, firstly I don't think he's that good and secondly I think he'd cause more problems than he'd solve.

      2. Suarez, he's a nasty cheat, but at least he contributes on the pitch, Balotelli seems to offer very little at the moment. If I were a Citeh fan, I'd want him gone, he's become a laughing stock!

      The comedy Balotelli brings wouldn't be funny if it was happening to our beloved club, seeing the disruption he's caused at Citeh is funny, but I wouldn't wish that on our dressing room, he's be a nightmare to manage.


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      • Mario is so over rated! he isn't actually that good.
        mourinho got rid of him asap!

        glad u agree joe. nearly every city fan I speak too has wanted him gone since about a year ago.
        he has got a strange hold over mancini.
        I think he is blackmailing him over something.
        just like when VDV was blackmailing harry in to playing him even when he was hobbling about on a Zimmer frame on the half way line.

        marios best performances were meant to be in the EUROs.
        but even then, his finishing was terrible. he missed about 5 or 6 good chances. im not talkin about your idea of a good chance which can be an overhead kick from 30 yards out.

        he doesn't score enough, his all round game isn't great.
        if mancini wasn't around then he would be at a much lower team.

        he is bad for team spirit too & just causes problems.
        a liability.

        he is a big reason why mancini will end up getting sacked.
        although he should be sacked anyway for a poor job he is doing. they should have walked the league last yr but he nearly blew it. & this year they are going to lose the title by quite a lot of points. already out the CL again too.

        suarez is a very good player. much better than mario. I really wanted us to go for him when he was at ajax.
        but harry & our scouts thought he would be too lightweight for the premiership.

        id take suarez. his cheating is annoying but that's the way football has gone now.

    • Balotelli is just too much of a liability at the moment (ok I take Fabs point - but as of now, you could too often end up with 10 players on the pitch). And, I haven't seen him score enough to be any better than what we have anyway.
      Suarez, maybe - but my personal feelings about him as a person make me lean towards 'no' again.