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  • I really thought we were going to get caught with a sucker punch.
    But it was another away point with an average'ish performance style wise. Good possession, without having that much penetration (odd that the stat that showed the 240 odd attempts, also showed that we were weak on possession in the final 3rd (how does that work?).
    I just hope that this doesn't become the trend and that AVB's 'style' is this more 'functional' approach. Wasn't that Mourinho's method as well? 'Sod the football, the result is all' type thing? And isn't AVB a Mourinho clone - Sith's always travel in twos (much like Knight's Templars and turtle doves)?

    If AVB can cure the post Christmas slow down, then we should be in a good position come May. Maybe then, next season, he can look to 'style' - maybe?

    I keep reading that AVB rotates the squad more than 'arry did so we should be fresher (I haven't seen the stats, so can't comment), but from what I've seen in the games, the changes have largely been forced (Dembele being injured, BAE, Kaboul,Ade,Parker and Daws to a degree). And I'm still not certain that AVB new what his best team was anyway, so moved people around (Dempsey, Sig, Dembele, Sandro) in midfield trying to get the right combination and formation.
    Be interesting to see the 'minutes played' stats across the squad at the end of the season - I would guess that where 'arry played the lesser talents in the Cups (the 'yoof'), AVB will show more time with the 'main squad' players.