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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Feb 13, 2013 15:50 Flag

    Put it down

    Sfer, the only way this site will get busy again is if people start talking football instead of being critical of others. Sure, John does seem a little over reliant on stats, but it is easy enough to ignore if you find it irritating. There was a time when I had the odd run-in with Spursbabe but now find her input worthwhile. Either she has got better at putting her point across or I have become more tolerant....perhaps a bit of both.

    I too found the site interesting but in my case I thought it had closed a few months ago, until I discovered they had just altered the layout of the home page and hid the message board link "off-screen" and I wonder how many others have done the same, or maybe I'm just thick.

    Anyway Sfer, why not just go back to posting like you used to. I always found your input good reading and would welcome a return to the "good old days"...... unless Vito decides to invade us again with his plaguerisms.