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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 13, 2013 16:36 Flag

    Put it down

    Not Sir Michael Hazard perchance?

    • B2S is right,

      both of you (Sfer and JL) have too much to offer and contribute to waste your time slinging mud.

      With Daffy out for a few more weeks, what are your opinions on who plays in his place? does Ade lead the line or do we give Dempsey a chance?

      Where does Bale fit in? as a CF? playing 'in the hole' or would you prefer to keep him wide.

      After much deliberation and with Daffy injured and Ade yet to find his best form, I'd give Bale a free reign, maroording where ever he wants. This wouldn't work in all scenarios and when Daffy plays I think it leaves us a little exposed, however Ade, Dempsey, Lennon and Holtby all offer much more to the team defensively than Daffy IMO.

      With a fit Daffy, I prefer to keep Bale wide, in order to make the most of available space bring our other midfielders into attacking positions.


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