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  • Joe Joe Feb 13, 2013 22:06 Flag

    Put it down

    B2S is right,

    both of you (Sfer and JL) have too much to offer and contribute to waste your time slinging mud.

    With Daffy out for a few more weeks, what are your opinions on who plays in his place? does Ade lead the line or do we give Dempsey a chance?

    Where does Bale fit in? as a CF? playing 'in the hole' or would you prefer to keep him wide.

    After much deliberation and with Daffy injured and Ade yet to find his best form, I'd give Bale a free reign, maroording where ever he wants. This wouldn't work in all scenarios and when Daffy plays I think it leaves us a little exposed, however Ade, Dempsey, Lennon and Holtby all offer much more to the team defensively than Daffy IMO.

    With a fit Daffy, I prefer to keep Bale wide, in order to make the most of available space bring our other midfielders into attacking positions.


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    • I'm not sure If Holtby is cup-tied for tonight, so I guess we'll start with Ade up front and Dempsy in behind. I would start with Bale on the left for the first half and see how we're doing, then if needed, move him more inside, and put Siggy or Dempsey on left. Lyon are a very good side, so could be hard to get through the tie, but I still hope we give it a good go, and field as strong a side as possible.

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      • OK lets give it a go....

        When Ade first came to us I thought he was really up for it and he was running around like a kid, chasing back and scoring goals. Since then, and he has form for this, he has slowly melted back to what he was elsewhere. He doesn't look he cares too much.

        Defoe is too small to lead the line on his own but at least he is a natural goal scorer and will get his fair share. So, if Daffy is out then we really have no choice as I don't see Dempsey as a Striker - not the way Daffy and Ade are anyway.

        Did you notice how Dempsey was shooting from anywhere and whenever he got the chance? Desperate.

        Holtby looks good and hopefully he will settle in and find his scoring boots.

        Bale? Does anybody really care where he plays when he is playing like this and scoring like he is? Its Lennon that is worrying me. He started the season really well but has gone off the boil. No real output and certainly no goals lately.

        Bottom line is, and we all said it, we desperately needed to get at least one more striker in when we had the chance. All this is only IMHO of course, but I think our position in the PL flatters us a little. We haven't steamrollered anybody like most of the teams around us. We have won games by the odd goal or drawn to get a point when others around us have slipped up.If we didn't have Bale we would not be where we are but we can't rely on him all the time.

        One last thing, AVB. I don't like him. Sorry, but thats the way it is.

    • Even though Holtby has only played a couple of games, I would play Ade upfront, Holtby behind and Bale left (as he comes inside anyway). Hopefully get some balls into the box from both sides - and let Holtby do the VdV bit around the edge of the box.