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  • Joe Joe Feb 14, 2013 22:25 Flag

    Put it down

    Sfer- good to see you back!

    JL- I agree with your front 3/4, although I'd like to see Gylfi given more chances and with Lennons dip in attacking play, I think it might be the right time for Gylfi to get a few starts.

    Glyfi worked well with Holtby tonight, both are very techincally gifted.

    Dempsey is always going to be fighting to justify his place IMO, he isn't specialist enough to ever be my first choice for any position, but he works very hard and will continue to be useful against certain opponents. He'd just make the bench in my fully fit team sheet.

    I'm enjoying every second of Bales current form, with every goal, his value increases and sadly the chances of him being with us this time next season deminish. We won't be able to keep him, especially if Levy continues to fail to strengthen appropriately.

    The league doesn't lie and although I would have like to see us drubb a few teams, we are consistently doing what we have always struggled to do, sit on narrow leads and restrict our opponents opportunities.

    B2S, Sfer what is it you don't like about AVB? is it just his face? How do you think he's done in relation to the expectations you had for him?

    AVB........................I am yet to be fully convinced, but I have decided to try and be entirely objective, if another manager (Moyes) had come in under the same circumstances, I would be raving about him. I'm backing him, until I see a reason not to.