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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 15, 2013 11:17 Flag

    Put it down

    The debate and opinions about AVB are getting a bit boring now so sorry if this post adds to that.

    I don't like him Joe because he arrived at Chelsea like he was the Messiah. This was based on what he had done at Porto but I don't think it was justified. Porto are the Manure of Portugal so it could be argued that they would have done what they did with or without AVB.

    He was so up himself at Chelsea he tried to dismantle the team, get rid of the older players and bring in too many new players too quickly. His tactics were negative (which we have witnesed ourselves this season) and he "lost" the squads confidence. Yes I know it could be argued that he was only doing what he was told to do by Abramovich but there is no proof of that.

    Then he gets sacked and turns up at Spurs. He looks smug, has been negative, made some very strange team selections and substitutions and generally just not impressed me at all. IF, and it is an IF, it was and is Levy holding back from buying a much needed Striker then if AVB is worth anything he would be kicking up a fuss about that instead of attempting to justify it and saying that we don't need one.

    Yes, it appears he has learnt something from his arrogant time at Chelsea but slowly that seems to be creeping back in. I would like him to stand up straight, clear his throat, stop wearing that stupic coat, look whoever he is talking to in the eye and be a bit more humble. As I can't see that happening he is not going to be someone I have much respect for.

    All IMHO of course!