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  • john john Feb 15, 2013 13:25 Flag

    Put it down

    Sfer, just a couple of points in your post. You say no prove in Abramovich telling AVB to restructure the squad at Chelsea, well I think it's becoming clear that was his brief by the fact they let Drogba leave, refuse to give Lampard a new contract, and what seem's a gradual wind down on Terry's future at the club. As for getting player's in to quick, I wish we could, because Mata wasnt too shabby a signing, was he? I think we all know it's Levy who wont release the funds needed to get the sort of player's we need and it was the same under HR. I would imagine AVB knows we need new strikers, just as he knew we needed a playmaker like Moutino and would of tried to convince Levy to spend. When it became clear we wer'nt going to get anyone, I think he's right to say we have enough so as to show the player's we have got, that he has confidence in them, but inside he is probably disappointed he couldnt strengthen the squad.

    hahahaha, I would like to see him stand up straight, clear his throat, and stop wearing that stupid coat, I'm sure there's an ism in there somewhere lol..