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  • Sfer Sfer Jan 15, 2013 13:15 Flag

    Put it down

    Just popped in to see if this site was still alive. Seems to me that if it was an old age pensioner it would have been put on the Liverpool Pathway by now.

    Most popular thread with 16 posts in 4 days, Mr Locke still dominating the whole site with his witty, inciteful thoughts and some days hardly any posts at all.

    All this with Spurs having recently reached 3rd so you would think there would be plenty to debate.

    I don't want to say "told you so" but the sooner someone puts this site out of its misery the better rather than letting Mr Locke slowly strangle it to death.

    Oh for the good old days!

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    • I see that Christmas put a cheery skip in your step...

      Maybe, just maybe, if you posted about football instead of your obsession with me.....?

      Keep smiling Sfer.

    • I've just popped in to boost Sfers stats up a bit.
      Portsmouth 1 Pools 3.

    • It was an observation more than a stat but.......5 posts today!!

      Don't get excited - 4 are from Mr Locke. Desperate?

    • ...how about as a result of a conversation - you know, about football. Somebody posts something, somebody replies. Quite simple really.
      I do find it it odd that if you find it so offensive that you keep coming back. I feel that you want to see 0 posts, so you can say '....there I told you that Mr Locke would kill this forum off....'.

    • Nearly 3.00 on the 13th and not one post today despite a big European game coming up tomorrow.

      Another few hours and I will indeed be able to say that to you Mr Locke.

      I see you have toned down your pompous, statistic laden waffle filled posts and tried some simple sleazy charm in an effort to turn back time but it appears it is too little too late.

      I wish it were different I really do. As I said, I used to love this site when there were loads of different opinions and friendly banter. Oh well.

    • Sfer, the only way this site will get busy again is if people start talking football instead of being critical of others. Sure, John does seem a little over reliant on stats, but it is easy enough to ignore if you find it irritating. There was a time when I had the odd run-in with Spursbabe but now find her input worthwhile. Either she has got better at putting her point across or I have become more tolerant....perhaps a bit of both.

      I too found the site interesting but in my case I thought it had closed a few months ago, until I discovered they had just altered the layout of the home page and hid the message board link "off-screen" and I wonder how many others have done the same, or maybe I'm just thick.

      Anyway Sfer, why not just go back to posting like you used to. I always found your input good reading and would welcome a return to the "good old days"...... unless Vito decides to invade us again with his plaguerisms.

    • Football---statistics---facts.
      Which ex Spurs Geordie took and passed The Knowledge in London in order to chauffeur you guys around.
      H---Taxi !!

    • Spot on Sfer, although I'd cut Lennon a little slack. I commented on Ade a couple of days ago...has he paid for the private jet yet?

      I'm glad we are scraping results, but we definately need to up the strike rate to get 4th spot.

      Like you, don't really rate AVB, perhaps it's the raincoat. Someone tell him to throw it away....who would buy it?

    • Sfer- good to see you back!

      JL- I agree with your front 3/4, although I'd like to see Gylfi given more chances and with Lennons dip in attacking play, I think it might be the right time for Gylfi to get a few starts.

      Glyfi worked well with Holtby tonight, both are very techincally gifted.

      Dempsey is always going to be fighting to justify his place IMO, he isn't specialist enough to ever be my first choice for any position, but he works very hard and will continue to be useful against certain opponents. He'd just make the bench in my fully fit team sheet.

      I'm enjoying every second of Bales current form, with every goal, his value increases and sadly the chances of him being with us this time next season deminish. We won't be able to keep him, especially if Levy continues to fail to strengthen appropriately.

      The league doesn't lie and although I would have like to see us drubb a few teams, we are consistently doing what we have always struggled to do, sit on narrow leads and restrict our opponents opportunities.

      B2S, Sfer what is it you don't like about AVB? is it just his face? How do you think he's done in relation to the expectations you had for him?

      AVB........................I am yet to be fully convinced, but I have decided to try and be entirely objective, if another manager (Moyes) had come in under the same circumstances, I would be raving about him. I'm backing him, until I see a reason not to.


    • The debate and opinions about AVB are getting a bit boring now so sorry if this post adds to that.

      I don't like him Joe because he arrived at Chelsea like he was the Messiah. This was based on what he had done at Porto but I don't think it was justified. Porto are the Manure of Portugal so it could be argued that they would have done what they did with or without AVB.

      He was so up himself at Chelsea he tried to dismantle the team, get rid of the older players and bring in too many new players too quickly. His tactics were negative (which we have witnesed ourselves this season) and he "lost" the squads confidence. Yes I know it could be argued that he was only doing what he was told to do by Abramovich but there is no proof of that.

      Then he gets sacked and turns up at Spurs. He looks smug, has been negative, made some very strange team selections and substitutions and generally just not impressed me at all. IF, and it is an IF, it was and is Levy holding back from buying a much needed Striker then if AVB is worth anything he would be kicking up a fuss about that instead of attempting to justify it and saying that we don't need one.

      Yes, it appears he has learnt something from his arrogant time at Chelsea but slowly that seems to be creeping back in. I would like him to stand up straight, clear his throat, stop wearing that stupic coat, look whoever he is talking to in the eye and be a bit more humble. As I can't see that happening he is not going to be someone I have much respect for.

      All IMHO of course!

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