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    More about AVB at Spurs...

    I just read the following article and thought others on here might enjoy it.
    Interesting that the press seem less disparaging towards him after 6 months in charge.
    Just wish HR lovers at Spurs would cut him more slack too.

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    • Cheers LTS,

      A great read, thanks for sharing.

      What did you think of today's performance?

      I thought we earn't a point and could have won on another day, we had the lions share of the possession and crucially the better chances.


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      • That was a good read, thanks lts. I was particularly interested in the bit about Dawson - I'm very curious about the situation around our 'surplus to requirements' captain.

        Joe, I'd agree the draw was at least fair and we had the possession & chances, BUT we always do against Utd - they're very happy to defend deep and to allow possession, because they're clinical enough on the break, and usually we suffer from that. Usually most of our attempts seem at best speculative, so we'll have 20 half chances to their 3 good ones and lose 2-1. This season we've obviously tightened that; getting 4 points off them is a great haul.

        Very pleased with getting the last minute goal, it shows a turnaround from letting them in (the reference to the change in train in the article was interesting too), and they've got to be gutted about that penalty shout!

      • Oh for a class finisher Joe!!!!!!

    • It was another strange performance for me yesterday. We dominated the possession, created two or three really good chances, created lots of not so good chances - but I always felt that Utd were playing in 1st gear and scared me senseless when they did break (although RvP, Rooney and Wellback barely got a sight of goal).
      Lemmon was giving Evra a torrid time and I thought Daws looked quietly confident. Parker, after a bit of a shaky start with some misplaced passes settled nicely for his first game for ages - and Dempsey again saw more of the ball, Dembele worked well - but for all that, we still seemed to lack something to me. I'm not sure we have the ideas to break teams down.

      A striker and a VdV replacement (I'm not sure that Dempsey, Gylfi are quite up to it on current performances) for me.

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      • I think one of the problems is that we have no penalty box predators. Defoe mainly likes to play on the edge of the box and run across defenders and get a shot away, but very rarely makes runs in during build up play, plus he's very static, waiting for ball to come to him rather than gambleing when balls played across goal. Ade's much the same and like a powderpuff in the six yard box IMO. We need someone like Hernadez who is lethal in the box.