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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 22, 2013 11:03 Flag

    Redknapp Jnr, Neville & Dempsey

    Did anyone else find it a bit strange that ex players were advocating a player going down in the box?

    After all the accusations about players diving for no reason, why did Red Nev think it acceptable for Demsey to have gone down? Surely if a player can stay on their feet, they should? If they don't stay on their feet when they can - isn't that a dive, no matter how you may want to present it?

    I know Jamie fought the 'stay on your feet' side, but it seemed to me that he was arguing that side, not from the moralistic standpoint, but with the view that Dempsey had a good chance to score if he continued.

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    • Spot on John.
      But did not Nev add,that if Dempsey had gone down that we would have been awarded a pen and that a red card would have to be given,hence,pnalty being scored and with man u down to 10 men, would have been a significant advantage for Spurs.
      Maybe these are some of the things being taught to players behind closed doors but no one would ever admit to.
      Anyway, we thoroughly deserved our point, if not all 3,and i'm sure had the equaliser had come earlier that manu would have stepped it up a gear and we could have found ourselves with a bit more defending to do.
      On the whole i think we played well,though i'm still not sure about Caulker and sadly Dempsey is way off the mark for a first team shirt.

      atb .......jeffall..............COYS

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      • That was the frustrating thing Jeff wasn't it? Nev seemed happy that if he had gone down, then not only would he have got a penalty but also a player would have marched. Appalling if that is what is now accepted - or even being 'coached'. What I didn't follow is coming out with stuff like that, and on other ocassions slamming players for diving.

        I also thought that about Dempsey at first, as he just never seemed to be involved when he played, but he seems to have picked up his game over the past few weeks and at least is getting on the ball more. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer.