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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 27, 2013 18:58 Flag

    Surely not

    Plus the fact, us northerners up here are as hard as nails and just love bad weather---honest, just ask s/babe.

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    • I think that's perfectly reasonable (although Physio Room says he's got a Hip/Thigh injury. AVB says he'll be back for Norwich).

      Dempsey's now on 5 goals in the last 5 games (incl 2 just as sub appearances), and Defoe's played virtually every game (according to the Yahoo home page he's our third most used player) and is dropping deeper than he used to, so exerting a lot more energy, so must be knackered. We 'should' be able to beat a team in Leeds' position without needing to be full strength, and Obika should have been enough to be a second striker (perhaps he should have started too?). I felt the main issue up front was that he wasn't getting the right service; Lennon and Bale were kept quiet, and I don't know why Dembele didn't start - he's only recently back from injury and so didn't need the break.

      I thought it was a shocking defensive display, I don't know what the matter was with Vertonghen & Caulker but they both seemed to be off the pace, and Friedel was left exposed too many times - he wasn't up to his previous form either, but that's probably to be expected when he's not played much for a while, and it wasn't as bad as the defenders in front of him. I'd be curious to know why Dawson didn't start - has he moved up the pecking order? Or down?

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      • Well I hope Daffy isn't injured - at least the positive from the result against Leeds is that we only have the League and Europa to worry about now.
        AVB just has to pick the team up and keep us in contention for 4th. Norwich/Baggies away and then Toon - so should be at least 5 points, as long as we can get some goals - so I hope Daffy is back and scoring as isn't Ade still at AFCON until after then?