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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 30, 2013 11:35 Flag

    Daffy? Out Injured?

    According to Sky he's got a 'slightly twisted hip', which'll be why it's a manageable risk - not a major injury.

    It is looking like another season of teams fighting over who gets to go down & 'start again' isn't it... I'd be curious to see what the final table would look like if bottom 10 of PL & top 10 of Championship played together for a season - Cardiff might finally get that promotion they've been nipping at the heels of for ages.

    I'd like Villa to stay up but they're not looking like they've got it in them, and if Wigan don't finally go down I'll... well, I'll whinge and get annoyed but not do anything. That'll show them! I'd not expect (or want) Newcastle & Fulham to get dragged into it, I think and hope they're close to regaining some of their form of the last few seasons, and I'm hoping/expecting good things from Norwich for a couple of seasons to come. Which I guess leaves the final spot to Reading, Southampton, or QPR... I'm inclined pin it on Reading.

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