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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Feb 1, 2013 06:56 Flag

    D-Day - it's arrived!

    No 'NBR' funny it would not be.

    Classy left back, formerly courted by Chelsea and linked with Barca and Real.


    Fancy borrowing Santos? Maybe your lot could play him as a striker!!!!


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    • So what was the overall movement?

      IN :-

      OUT :-
      Townsend (Loan)
      Gomez (Loan)
      Falque (Loan)
      Smith (Loan)
      ...others (loan)

      You could read anything into this. The perm outs are innocuous - maybe they may have played in the CC, but we're out of that.

      I'm slightly surprised that overall two keepers have gone though - and without Falque and Townsend doesn't that make us a bit light out wide (actual wingers) - unless AVB feels happy with Bentley and, who, Dempsey/Holtby/Glyphy as cover? No great shakes though.

      Anyway, Ade is due back in a couple of weeks and then we get back to having two strikers available (and Dempsey). At the moment, I just don't then see how Holtby, as a VdV type player, works in a 4-4-2 type style - if AVB sticks with Daffy/Ade - so does his arrival mean that one of Daffy/Ade sits out? Or is Holtby then a central 'Dembele' - and where does that leave Dembele - I just seem to see that either the summer signings aren't trusted or we're just adding 'squad' players.

      All will be clear by the end of Feb.

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      • its a farce if u ask me (not that anyone would!).

        we badly needed another striker & a playmaker since the summer. yet get neither!

        its going to be an uphill struggle to get top 4 with this team.

        we are walking on a knife edge as we have no quality cover if parker, dembele, bale or defoe get injured.

        on a brighter note, we finally get rid of jenas!