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  • Alan H Alan H Feb 1, 2013 11:28 Flag

    D-Day - it's arrived!

    Straight from the horses mouth. Harry has been approached by Arsenal to take over from Arsen Wenger at the end of this season.. They want him to link up and nurture Dennis Bergkamp for a couple of seasons before he takes over.
    H---nbr's enquiring how much the Gunners shirts are, and Fab can't believe his luck. (You heard it hear 1st)

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    • Alan, normally I find your 'behind the scenes insights' entertaining, but don't you ever put my name in the same sentence as 'gunners shirts' again, you hear me!

      SB, Holtby looks like taking a playmaker role, or at least the link-up player - he's described as a midfielder/forward on the reports I've seen, but as I said before I've not seen much of him previously. When he came on at the weekend it seemed to be to allow Bale to move more centrally, perhaps there are thoughts of him filling that spot? Not sure how I feel about that, he likes to be the hero which isn't really doable for a winger so it might be an astute move... or he might need a manager to put him in his place and make him stay there, I can't decide!

      John, I imagine that Holtby would generally be taking the place of a striker, either with Defoe or Ade being picked to play ahead of him based on the type of team (Ade for physical, Defoe for speedy).

      As I mentioned, I've heard noises about our academy having loads of players ready to blood, maybe now's the time to do that with the likes of Obika/Carroll/Kane (when he's back from loan)?

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      • evening fellow yids.
        So no additional stiker then.
        Well at least Holtby may be the missing link we're looking for in midfield.
        Had a look at him on a few wed sites and from what i've seen is not too bad.
        Has good ball controll/passing/energy/vision/pace/can score goals and is not frightened to get stuck in,which he showed against Norwich in his brief substition.
        Also any player getting into the German national side comes with a good ENGINE.
        With Sandro out for the rest of the season,i'm sure that Holtby can fill his boots and maybe,just maybe,he's the missing piece to our jigsaw?
        At least AVB seems to know where we need to control games and if we can convert chaces into goals,then CL is ours.
        Looking back,Berba was a snip at 6 mill and i'm sure we would be sitting at 3rd right now (JUST A THOUGHT).