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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 31, 2013 12:57 Flag

    D-Day - it's arrived!

    Although I must admit, I'm feeling thoroughly underwhelmed by in. SSN were at our training ground and said something about someone having a medical, but my signal cut out when they said who - I couldn't even say for sure if they were coming in or going out, it might have been Bentley to QPR. They then went on to talk about strikers, so didn't sound like it was one of them coming in.

    Anyone heard any juicy rumours? Clearest I've got is...

    Ooh, SSN just said Andros Townsend arrived at QPR's medical place to find the deal was off! And him, Bents, & JJ were all maybes earlier but they're all currently off - note the currently. Sounds like there are a few offers in for him, I hope only for loan deals, he was one of our key faces for the future a while back.

    Also, our academy's apparently meant to be stuffed full of youngsters ready to start bedding into the first tam, which perhaps explains cutting the older players; imagine being mentored by the likes of Gallas, Bale or Parker!

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