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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 3, 2013 15:01 Flag

    Formation without Defoe?

    Meant to add, Defoe's not scored in the last 8 games, most of our goals in that time have come from Bale and Dempsey, so personnel isn't necessarily the issue, it's how we maximise the players we can use.

    • it wold be a shame to see ble move out wide as he is blistering in that central role he is taking up.

      dempsey has to play upfront hes a recognised striker and scores. ok not a world beater but a striker none the less. for me i would go with dempsey upfront and bale and holtby alternating from wide to central as the game goes on.bale to start out wide left and drift , wouldnt change the rest of the team till sandro and kaboul are fit.