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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Feb 3, 2013 16:22 Flag

    Formation without Defoe?

    it wold be a shame to see ble move out wide as he is blistering in that central role he is taking up.

    dempsey has to play upfront hes a recognised striker and scores. ok not a world beater but a striker none the less. for me i would go with dempsey upfront and bale and holtby alternating from wide to central as the game goes on.bale to start out wide left and drift , wouldnt change the rest of the team till sandro and kaboul are fit.

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    • Good Thread, great rule---- no bitchin'

      I pretty much agree with Beni, but for the record:


      Walker Daws Vertonghen BAE

      Parker Dembele

      Lennon Holtby Bale


      Kaboul for Daws or Vertonghen when fit, IMO Kaboul is our best CB, Vert has been a little off form recently! we need the Unit back!

      I agree re: Bale and Holtby, have them as fluid as possible, or have Holtby and Dembele as fluid as possible. I'd rotate Gylfi in when possible as I still think he has a future with us and is yet to get a proper run of games, mainly as the players he's competing with have been in good form.

      Bale has been good through the middle, but I think he should start wide, he makes so much more room for Dembele, Holtby to play in when he stays wide, making runs infield sporadically rather than regularly.

      When is Ade due back?


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      • We may have Ade back for the Newcastle game - Togo lost to Burkhina Faso in the ACN QF this evening.

        Defoe's injury could actually be a blessing in disguise - I heard he's damaged a metatarsal so could be facing 6 weeks on the sidelines. Knowing he could be the sole out-and-out striker available may help Ade concentrate his mind and thus up his game - he simply doesn't play well alongside Defoe.

        Have to say I'm very impressed thus far with Holtby - he was a real livewire when he came on today and was unlucky not to have got a goal in the 2nd half.

        Was up at The Hawthorns today and it was great to see the team acknowledging the away support at the end of the game - Benny gave his shirt to somebody sitting at the front, though I couldn't see who. Nice gesture.

      • Almost forgot,

        Parker out, Sandro in, when fit! which looks to be the rest of the season. In which case play Vert as a 'Holding' midfielder, IMO he would be better than Hudds or Livermore in that role!

        When Ade returns, he'd be my choice over Dempsey, despite his recent goal form.


        P.S. those who listen or follow Adrian Durham on Talksport, the man is a huge windup merchant and should be ignored if at all possible!