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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Feb 3, 2013 22:20 Flag

    Formation without Defoe?

    We may have Ade back for the Newcastle game - Togo lost to Burkhina Faso in the ACN QF this evening.

    Defoe's injury could actually be a blessing in disguise - I heard he's damaged a metatarsal so could be facing 6 weeks on the sidelines. Knowing he could be the sole out-and-out striker available may help Ade concentrate his mind and thus up his game - he simply doesn't play well alongside Defoe.

    Have to say I'm very impressed thus far with Holtby - he was a real livewire when he came on today and was unlucky not to have got a goal in the 2nd half.

    Was up at The Hawthorns today and it was great to see the team acknowledging the away support at the end of the game - Benny gave his shirt to somebody sitting at the front, though I couldn't see who. Nice gesture.

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    • I've never been so happy to hear Ade's on the losing team, well not for the last season and a half anyway!

      Holtby is superb today, He and Bale were different class, WBA couldn't cope with them at all! Our dependency on Bale is a little worrying, we need the rest to crank it up a gear.

      Defoe's injury is a real opportunity for Ade and Dempsey, one or both have to take this chance, maybe Kane can step up?

      Do you go to many away games KM? I have a close group of friends who travel almost every week. I like BAE, I know he's footballing Marmite, but IMO he's more 'real' than many footballers, plus he seems to really appreciate the fans.