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  • Layla Layla Feb 4, 2013 19:10 Flag

    Formation without Defoe?

    kane or obika nowhere near good enough im afraid.

    bit of a disaster with defoe being out but at least ade is back.

    I like the team with holtby behind ade. I really like the look of holtby. he looks like a right bargin. seems like a good personaility too.

    ekotto seems to have improved attacking game over the last year or so. but his defensive laziness still lets him down.
    he was awful against Norwich the other day.
    nearly every decent Norwich attack came down his side.
    he just wasn't bothered about trying to stop crosses to holt for some reason.
    he would be such a good LB if he actually cared & made more of an effort. shame.
    still better than most LBs in the prem.

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      Would like to see Gylfi get some starts over Dempsey.
      He(Dempsey) seems like he's dragging a beer barrel behind him,he's too slow, has poor ball control and rarely goes past anyone to create any chances,should of stayed at Fulham where they don't play at such a fast pace.
      As for Gylfi on the other hand,has the pace and i'm sure given some playing time will create his own chances and at least be able to keep up with play.
      As for the rest i think it should be.






      As for the midfield,I think that we should always try to play 2 wide men with maybe Holtby covering for Bale,although i'm not quite sure if he's played in that position,he has a good left foot and sure he can deliver a good ball in for the attacking players.

      At the mo,Bale is looking awesome and i'm convinced that if some of the rest(WALKER,BAE,DEMBELE)to name a few then we can start playing with the passion that you need to make it into the CL.

      atb .............jeffall.......COYS