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    Formation without Defoe?

    Bum bum bum bum bum. Hopefully Defoe's injury won't give him a long layoff, but what formation do we go for without him? In particular for the next few games while we wait for Ade to return.

    I'd be inclined to push Dempsey forward but with Holtby or perhaps even Bale close behind (with the other one on the wing) for Newcastle, and for Lyon I reckon I'd give Obika a run.


    Please don't turn this into another "I know better than Levy & AVB, if they'd got a striker like I told them to we'd be ok" thread, we all know our squad weaknesses and it's typical this happens in the first game after the window closes, but sulking about it isn't going to help.

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    • I've been happier when Ade's been on a losing team (when he played for the Goons heh heh heh) ;-)

    • Didn't Kane come back from loan as well?

      It's an odd season - Bale as current top scorer, and with hardly any assists, Daffy now second with more assists... a bit topsy turvy. Maybe it's just a logical follow on from the past couple of seasons where Bale seemed to like to play more in the scoring role rather than provider - well, at least he has a fair few shots (136 last season and 85 so far this).
      Having said that, There seem to be a number of balls that go into the box from wide and that no one gets on the end of. So maybe Bale's assist record (or lack of?) is just a product of his own speed (or poor delivery?)?

      Personally, I think I'd have Dempsey up front (as he doesn't appear to like playing wide), Holtby behind and Bale/Lennon still playing wide.

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      • kane or obika nowhere near good enough im afraid.

        bit of a disaster with defoe being out but at least ade is back.

        I like the team with holtby behind ade. I really like the look of holtby. he looks like a right bargin. seems like a good personaility too.

        ekotto seems to have improved attacking game over the last year or so. but his defensive laziness still lets him down.
        he was awful against Norwich the other day.
        nearly every decent Norwich attack came down his side.
        he just wasn't bothered about trying to stop crosses to holt for some reason.
        he would be such a good LB if he actually cared & made more of an effort. shame.
        still better than most LBs in the prem.

    • now ade is on his way back when we have him he takes dempseys role and that means bale/holtby left and centre with no changes to the rest of the team till sandro and kabs are fit.

      walker daws verts bae
      parker dembele
      lennon holtby bale

      but when all are fit

      walker kabs verts bea
      sandro dembele
      lennon holtby bale

    • Don't get to that many away games - but do get to every PL home game though :-)

      This season I've only been to Manchester City and West Brom (my daughter is at uni in Birmingham so I stay with her). Went to Villa last season but as the game was on Boxing Day this season we decided to give it a miss. Will try to get to a couple more away games this season if I can as a number of my friends travel to every away game too - I met up with a few of them this afternoon.

    • Meant to add, Defoe's not scored in the last 8 games, most of our goals in that time have come from Bale and Dempsey, so personnel isn't necessarily the issue, it's how we maximise the players we can use.