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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 6, 2013 14:47 Flag

    Will Bale succumb to the media hype?

    I also tend to prefer Bale wide. I have liked wing play since the formation used to be 2-3-5. To me it gives the opposition more of a problem as it allows the 10 player space. BUT, I still want to see Bale (and Lemmon) rack up >10 goals each a season!

    I see Joe has posted about Glyphi and giving him a go - and the 'medja' is now talking of Bale playing the Messi role. Personally, I think we leaped into the market last summer without a clear idea of what we wanted or needed. So now we have Holtby/Glyphy/Dempsey at least vying for the 10'ish role, with maybe also Ade and Bale in the frame.
    I suppose part of the problem is temporarily gone given Daffy's forced absence, but I wonder whether AVB will toy with the idea of playing Bale central (behind Ade) with Holtby/Dempsey/Glyphy then left.

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    • We've all been talking about St Gareth of Bale a lot recently, and I think I've started to come round. In an ideal world I think I would prefer him to have a strict manager who keeps him firmly on the wing with his main purpose being provider, but that's not what's happening at the moment and while he's got his goal boots on we might as well take advantage of it.

      That said, while he's going for individual gold at every opportunity he is not fulling the function of a winger, and so shouldn't be playing in one of the team's 'provider' positions. I'd preferably put him at AM rather than 2nd striker, but either of those would do - realistically it means taking the place of Dempsey or Dembele, gut says Demspey but formation says Dembele.

      so an attacking line up of (on current fitness):
      Sigurdsson-Parker (I prefer him to Sandro, but it's close)-Bale-Lennon

      Or - once Defoe's back this may work:


      Long term he should move back to wing for sure, but for now let's put him in the position he's playing instead of congesting the team.