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  • Dogstar Dogstar Feb 6, 2013 14:35 Flag

    Good read regarding Daniel Levy's buying strategy

    Yes but by ignoring the gambles on strikers during transfer windows, we end up missing out on champions league football and are forced to sell our best players without having any replacements of equivalent quality.

    Ba, Michu, Suarez, Llorente, Rossi, Damaio - all linked with us in recent seasons and what we've seen is them make a huge impact at other clubs. On the other hand we've ended up with Saha and Pienaar in recent seasons who had very little risk associated with them - both flops.

    There comes a point where you must consider your short term strategy and see how it can benefit you long term - champions league football brings a £20m windfall, ability to attract better quality young players (20-22), ability to retain top talent due to guarantee of CL football, more money from tickets, TV etc. and so on. It's worth the initial outlay in a proven quality striker. On the other hand, failure to do so when other teams around us do means we could lose out on CL football, unable to keep our best talent, unable to attract the best young talent and lose potential TV revenues. So we have to spend more time looking for these supposed potential players who want to come to us, and the risk is higher because we don't have enough quality players to begin with.

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    • levy's tight fisted approach to buying a striker is costing us dear.....now defoe is out for some time....

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      • Has anyone read the Yahoo piece about "Strikerless Spurs"? Might encourage a few on here to give AVB and Levi slack!!
        Fed up with all the moaning, "We haven't bought a striker!!!!"
        TRUE so what, let's just see what happens and get behind the players we do have playing.

        If the players that AVB want or we can afford are not available what's the point of adding to our deadwood again for a short term fix???

        No wonder people aren't commenting on here so much, it's enough to make people suicidal if they take notice of this constant drivle.

        All In MY (not so) Humble Opinion