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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 10, 2013 08:29 Flag

    Bale brace - another win

    I thought that we started really brightly and played some better, quicker football with more movement.
    To me, Parker had been pretty poor compared to last season, but he seems to be growing back into it.
    As you say, Lemmon looked good and his defensive work rate was there to be seen. Shame he doesn't demand the ball more.

    Bale - what can you say? I love it when he scores, but I'd like us to be more than the Bale show. If for the remainder of the season he can turn provider and get Ade/Dempsey/Holtby/Daffy on the end (as well as still scoring a couple himself) - I think I'll be happy - as I think we'll need another player hitting scoring form if we're to see out the season in 4th (or above?).

    No matter whether AVB is liked or not, the team under him are now getting results - the last minute leaking of goals is gone?

    • JL I hear you about the Bale show...unfortunately that's what it is at the moment. Also, while he's brimming with confidence he won't be laying many chances off to teammates...comes with the territory I suppose.

      SB - Thanks for asking about my kid - seems to be turning the corner (it took, in part, me scuttling his trip to Vegas with me, for his 21st...that and a few other things).

      Grid Iron - well as most of my years in the States have been spent in New Jersey, the Giants have always been my team...but as I live in Maryland now...Baltimore County in fact, it was hard not to get swept up in SuperBowl fever like everyone else in the city...so I was backing the Ravens all the way. Good game - I think the Silly-cone Valley nerds knocked out the power grid with a hack - wink...but it didn't work. Everyone but the City of Baltimore wanted the 49-ers to win; and had I still been living in NJ, I probably would have too! (Lastly, if Beyonce's half-time show didn't knock the lights out, a few piddlin' floodlights shouldn't!)