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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Feb 9, 2013 18:33 Flag

    Bale brace - another win

    I was very nervous going into this game (predicted a 2-2 draw, unusual for me when I'm nervous, usually not so generous). Newcastle on a high from beating the chavs...new players revving them up and the fact that they beat us with old players on opening day! They were nowhere near the team that played last week (and even then gave us a run for our money).

    So, yet another "not-so-great" performance by us and yet another victory (10 games on the bounce and no losses, I think).

    Positives...GB was his usual marauding self...funny though, I think their keeper might have done better on both of the goals he scored (certainly the wall should have helped on the first one)...the second one went through his legs after being left wide open...but Bale didn't go for the far corner, more kicked it at Krul than anything. The save he made at the end seemed a much tougher proposition.

    Aaron Lennon - I saw the Mighty Mite make about 4 clattering stand up tackles on various Toon players...and get back to support the defense on numerous occasions. Not a lot going forward, but did everything else right.

    Holtby - once he gets his shooting boots on straight, he'll be Mega!. We could have been 3 up on his missed chances alone, by the end of the first half!

    Daws - saved our bacon more than once with his blocks (got a bit unlucky with their goal and the deflection away from Lloris).

    The rest...defense was up and down, at times stretched and shaky, other times impregnable...we definitely benefited from the Toon lad that went off injured...it didn't look like much, hope he's alright. On the other hand, how the hell did Dembele (more on him in a minute) carry on after that "red card" tackle from Cabaye? Well, he did eventually go off hobbling (we're falling like flies!)

    Parker was lively, but wasteful; Adebayor gives us a better target up front than Dempsey, although Dempsey didn't do too badly (still not quite there and surprised to see him go the full 90 after a World Cup qualifier in mid-week...in which, he scored). Hopefully Ade brings his A-game to the next fixture as I'm sure he'll start.

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    • I thought that we started really brightly and played some better, quicker football with more movement.
      To me, Parker had been pretty poor compared to last season, but he seems to be growing back into it.
      As you say, Lemmon looked good and his defensive work rate was there to be seen. Shame he doesn't demand the ball more.

      Bale - what can you say? I love it when he scores, but I'd like us to be more than the Bale show. If for the remainder of the season he can turn provider and get Ade/Dempsey/Holtby/Daffy on the end (as well as still scoring a couple himself) - I think I'll be happy - as I think we'll need another player hitting scoring form if we're to see out the season in 4th (or above?).

      No matter whether AVB is liked or not, the team under him are now getting results - the last minute leaking of goals is gone?

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      • JL I hear you about the Bale show...unfortunately that's what it is at the moment. Also, while he's brimming with confidence he won't be laying many chances off to teammates...comes with the territory I suppose.

        SB - Thanks for asking about my kid - seems to be turning the corner (it took, in part, me scuttling his trip to Vegas with me, for his 21st...that and a few other things).

        Grid Iron - well as most of my years in the States have been spent in New Jersey, the Giants have always been my team...but as I live in Maryland now...Baltimore County in fact, it was hard not to get swept up in SuperBowl fever like everyone else in the city...so I was backing the Ravens all the way. Good game - I think the Silly-cone Valley nerds knocked out the power grid with a hack - wink...but it didn't work. Everyone but the City of Baltimore wanted the 49-ers to win; and had I still been living in NJ, I probably would have too! (Lastly, if Beyonce's half-time show didn't knock the lights out, a few piddlin' floodlights shouldn't!)

    • i was nervous too rambro. i thought it was a bad time to play the geordies.

      bale was superb again. we would be mid table without him.
      but i thought dawson was a rock at the back. so glad he stayed in the end. dont forget he turned down a pay rise at qpr to stay for us & fight for his place. great pro!

      i like holtby. links up well. as u say, lennon did really well...defensively.

      i felt avb should have brought on ade a lot earlier. his presence helped with the winner.

      dempsey always puts in a good shift. another good pro. his rapping is poor thou.

      cant wait for defoe to be back next month. if bale gets injured we are screwed.

      not a great performance again but at this stage with the lack of firepower etc we just the pts.
      cabaye should have been sent off. clear red card! hope dembele is ok.

      we should have had a pen in the 1st half too. but theres an unwritten rule that u dont give spurs pens in the prem this season.

      ps. rambro, how is your boy doing. signs of maturing?
      what do u think of the superbowl? who is your team?

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      • I thought the comment about not giving us any pens was a bit harsh, so I investigated, and it turns out you're bang on right!

        http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/premier-league/elfmeter-startseite/wettbewerb_GB1.html - this has tables of most penalties given and conceded, as well as converted, by player as well as team, etc etc etc.

        In fact, let's turn it into a game: 3 teams haven't conceded a single pen this season, can you guess who? And 3 teams haven't been given a single pen this season, can you guess who? Even seeing the table it took me a while to work out...

        To be honest, Dembele seemed a bit foolish playing on as he did (or tried to, before he got hauled off) - there were 10 mins left, we were winning, and he'd quite clearly been hurt, potentially dangerously. That said, 100% respect the way he handled it; totally professional and 'constructive' (i.e. trying to play on and paying absolutely no attention to how the ref dealt with Cabaye, as well as graciously accepting his apology both at the time and as he was taken off) - top pro, top role model, top man; other players (for other teams and one or two of our own) take note!

        I think Bale's a great player, but I'm well sick of hearing the praise being laid on him - when he scored the first one the commentators said something about how AVB didn't celebrate much because he must expect him to score! I reckon our strikers would be a whole lot higher up the golden boot table if he didn't play so selfishly. I'm really looking forward to Holtby adjusting to the league and the team more, I think he might impact that dynamic somehow.