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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Feb 11, 2013 15:39 Flag

    Adebayor back to a fine?

    His pre-signing shenanigans, form this season, his attitude to his national team and this latest total lack of commitment to the club all demonstrate that the only thing that matters to Adebayor is himself, closely followed by money.

    Don't rate him anyway, he needs 5 chances to get one shot on target only for the keeper to save, can't pass further than 6 yards and is generally unaware of those around him.

    Gid Rid, the guy is a disgrace. And send him the bill for the private jet, cheeky git.

    • I think there's more to this than meets the eye... AVB said "First he was authorised to come back on Friday" - do you know when any of the other Togo players rejoined their teams? It seems their national team have a whole load of issues which it would take a braver person than me to delve into!

      It's been a stop-start first half of the season for him for loads of reasons, not all his fault; let's see what happens now before judging him.