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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 11, 2013 17:42 Flag

    Adebayor back to a fine?

    I think there's more to this than meets the eye... AVB said "First he was authorised to come back on Friday" - do you know when any of the other Togo players rejoined their teams? It seems their national team have a whole load of issues which it would take a braver person than me to delve into!

    It's been a stop-start first half of the season for him for loads of reasons, not all his fault; let's see what happens now before judging him.

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    • Well the next few games should she where he's at. The two Europa games followed by the Hammers, Woolwich and Pool in quick succession.

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      • This is Ade's chance,

        There is a reason why we signed him, IMO last season he was superb and on his day (remember the newcastle game last season?) he is completely unplayable. He has the potential to be our most prolific goal scorer.

        As a bloke I get the impression he's a bit of a wally, his behaviour on leaving the goons and signing for citeh was poor. His 'stamp' on RVP was disgracful, his behaviour at citeh wasn't good, boycotting his national team. I have never had a great opinion of him and still I'm yet to be convinced.

        There is a list of reasons why he should go. But who could we replace him with, who has the same potential?

        COYS!! COA!