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  • Like you Joe, I've said he should be given a fair chance, and I think he's doing a good job considering the new player's and injuries he's had to manage. I'm amazed some people think we're a shoe in for a top 4 place when you look at the quality we lost and bedding in the new boy's, having key player's missing for large part's of the season. AVB made mistake's early on as he got to know the player's, but some judged him without any thought HE was new as well. I look at the team against Newcastle and think he would of got slaughtered had we not won, seeing Naughton start over BAE and Caulker over Vertongen, but he obviously thought the extra pace they offered was benificial for that game, and thats what a manager has to do, pick a team HE thinks can do the job. I think he could become a top manager once he gains enough experience but maybe not with us, because as soon as we go through a lean spell, he will be hounded out by media and fans alike. I judge him on what he doe's over a couple of seasons, and not on media biase as some do.

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    • I'm totally with you Remmah, we're 1 point of 3rd and only 5 points of 2nd.
      I just can't believe the diatribe he gets from so many soo called Spurs fans, from the press yes but not our own supporters. Stop whingeing all the time and get behind the club, that means all the players, staff, management and the board. Tottenham Hotspur haven't been in such a solid position since the 1980's and even then we had money problems.
      Yes he has made mistakes but he appears to be learning all the time.
      Yes HR had us playing great football but he never won anything and lost us 2 years of CL.
      COYS and supporters!!!

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      • If this is in anyway directed at me due to a recent response to one of your posts LTS can I please just state this for the record?

        I am 100% behind AVB and the team. I think he is obviously is great coach given what he has achieved for Porto and he is still learning. What I am skeptical about is Levy and the board - I know that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes which we do not know about, but I often find that there's a reluctance to strengthen our squad when we need to for short term gains such as securing a champions league spot at the end of the season, which can surely only help our long term strategy (which you alluded to in that post?)

        You yourself mentioned Harry failed to get us in the champions league 2 years in a row, and maybe that's because he lacks the top level management experience (balancing CL with PL) or maybe it's because Levy didn't invest enough over those two seasons in the areas we needed? Most likely a combination of the two.

        I'm not whingeing, I've been supporting Spurs long enough to know we don't have it too bad at the moment, but that doesn't mean we (as fans) shouldn't be expecting us to aim higher, win trophies, get established etc. - and not have to wait another 5-10 years for it. Our time is now, with the players we've had, but we risk losing our best players if we fail to get CL football and then we're having to rebuild again.