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  • No Glenn it's not aimed at anybody in particular, I'm just fed up with the relentless amount of biased press about the man and the fact that a lot of Spurs fans seem to believe it all. There are so many on all sites that just slate the man for, IMHO, no real reason.
    He has the highest win rate of Spurs managers since I don't know when, probably the 60s. Yes I agree we are not playing with the dash and verve that we saw under our last manager but it's, as people keep saying, a results business and I feel he is getting results DESPITE being new to PL football, all the injuries to the squad, lack of top strikers, loss of key starmen from last season, etc. As he is new he will obviously make mistakes, I just hope he learns from them! I think he has already learnt from his Dawson for sale mistake.
    Only time will tell whether he is really great or just good or even crap but he deserves that time (at least a couple of seasons) to prove himself one way or the other. Could do with more help from the board if, big IF, the right players come along and we can afford them.Not just signing on but wages wise too.