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  • Joe Joe Feb 19, 2013 21:41 Flag

    Tottenham v Lyon predictions

    Who will we have available? Is Defoe any where near fit?

    joe=26- 2-0 Holtby


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    • full marks for a change from me last time out!
      il go 1-1 Dempsey

      no joe, defoe nowhere near fit yet.
      oh, & your window cleaner who last night broke his leg isn't fit enough to clean your windows tomorrow. & before u ask if he is coming Friday, the answers no.

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      • A Yahoo User = SB?

        My window cleaner? christ alive do you think I live in the gerkin? my window cleaner is me, a bottle of white vinegar and very occasionally my little bro, if he owes my a favour.

        Some conflicting reports on Defoe, ankle ligaments are usually pretty nasty and can reoccur without warning, but they don't always keep players out for months, this article suggests Defoe could be back for the goon game:


        This one suggests he could be on the bench for the West Ham game:


        Heaven forbid, we may converse in idle chit chat!

        Nice switcheroonie on the Bale front btw!