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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 15, 2013 08:07 Flag


    A bit of a mixture. Started brightly with the possession, but seemed to lack penetration in the final third. The only side that seemed to get any joy was the right with Lemmon and Walker who to me had a very good first half.
    Second half ... seemed to go down hill. The understanding down the right started to evaporate.

    But again a good result even though the performance wasn't that bright.

    As for Bale. I'm still out on him playing the inside/floating role. I think he offers more playing wide - as it stretches the game more. OK, I know he's our top scorer, but I think I'd rather have him as our second top scorer and our top provider.

    Dempsey - I had thought he was coming good, but he disappears too much. We have a dodgy March/April period - so AVB has a couple more games to settle on his 'best' formation and team, as he doesn't seem sure to me at the moment.

    AVB made me smile with his '...who put that door there...' act.