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  • Layla Layla Feb 16, 2013 17:18 Flag

    Thoughts on last nights Ropey League Win?

    rambro, glad your son is turning the corner. even if u had to bribe him with a los vegas trip!

    so why does everyone in usa hate Baltimore & wanted them to lose against san fran?!

    is it because its a rough area? but then wouldn't everyone hate Detroit too?

    yes its always a strange camera angle when its a home game on ITV.

    great free kicks from bale. he has got the hang of them now!
    hope he can score them regularly now.

    id say its 50/50 as to who goes through.

    there's about 9 more rounds so I wont be too down if we do get knocked out, would rather go out now than lose in semis