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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Feb 15, 2013 12:55 Flag

    Thoughts on last nights Ropey League Win?

    Saw the game (well, most of it..couldn't keep my eyes open as I watched the re-airing of it (live airing, I was still at work).
    Funny camera angles for this game...it looked almost pitch level and made everything look congested.
    Overall, it was a typical AVB-led Spurs performance...3 wicked goals (I have to give the edge to the Lyon fella's goal as it came from open play...not taking anything away from the two vicious dead-ball strikes by Bale, but that laser of a shot was class).
    Not much else to say; Vertonghen stepped in front of at least a dozen through balls, usually around the half-way line...that high line worries the heck out of me! Gallas looked like he had a decent game, although it was his headed clearance that set up their goal (and I remember him doing that a number of times before, before he went out injured). Our defence made another one of their plays look Maradonna-esque as he went on a mazy run through about four of them and smashed a shot that Friedel did well to palm over. Oh and Bale misses another open goal..the one our last match was on his right foot, going away...this one? he would have done better using his right foot, but opted for the left and totally screwed it (he did have a defender putting him off at the same time to be fair, but if GB is heading for stardom, then he's got to be as clinical in open play as he's been from free-kicks of late)
    Lyon, while they had their chances, didn't really look that sharp of a team. They may look totally different in the return leg - 1-0 to them will send us out...so it's imperative that we cancel that away goal out, and go from there. Lyon's dilemma is to attack a their peril, knowing that our counter is lightning quick, so I'm guessing a cagey affair in France.

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    • rambro, glad your son is turning the corner. even if u had to bribe him with a los vegas trip!

      so why does everyone in usa hate Baltimore & wanted them to lose against san fran?!

      is it because its a rough area? but then wouldn't everyone hate Detroit too?

      yes its always a strange camera angle when its a home game on ITV.

      great free kicks from bale. he has got the hang of them now!
      hope he can score them regularly now.

      id say its 50/50 as to who goes through.

      there's about 9 more rounds so I wont be too down if we do get knocked out, would rather go out now than lose in semis