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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 19, 2013 00:33 Flag

    Change to layout? 20130218@11:46

    Although it's annoying that you can't see on the 'summary' page who made the last post - I won't remember what day/time I read a reply or how many there were, but I'll probably remember if I've read someone's opinion.

    • 'They' seem to have gone all social meeedja. The summary link to Yahoo's Spurs page seems slightly broken as well, as the 'latest' posts aren't showing.

      Maybe posts haven't gone missing, just that they're not showing everywhere?

      I'm not sure about the 'only show the first part of the name' bit either (I assume at some stage we'll get multiple 'Bert's).

      What the heck though. It seems to be working relatively ok at the moment.