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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 18, 2013 11:47 Flag

    Change to layout? 20130218@11:46

    Looks like they are changing the layout again - now has a popularity setting rather than stars and it also seems that posts/threads have gone missing.

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    • Well, positives are, if they have taken the time to change the layout, its unlikely they will be closing the boards, which means we can all continue to chew the proverbial fat a little longer!

      I couldn't give 2 hoots regarding the star system, did any of us ever really use it?

      Regarding posts disappearing, thats annoying! and if Yahoo should ensure that is avoided at all costs. Whats the point in taking the time to construct a point for one of their IT geeks to remove it! (no offence or harm is ain at IT geeks), they are and exceptionally useful group of people when they're not discussing world of warcraft or quantum phyiscs. I digress, as per!

      thoughts on the new layout?