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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Feb 26, 2013 08:19 Flag

    West Ham Game

    I watched last night, West Ham put up a great fight and deserved better. Bales goal came from nowhere, well, a fair way out at least. I was all set to gloat and with only one point in it, confident of over turning Spurs (and Chelsea). A different matter now, Spurs may go 7 points clear. Someone needs to send Bale lasagne, and fast.

    • Well Fab, sets up an interesting game that doesn't it. Personally I thought we did not play well and once again we were hugely reliant on Bale. Ade had a nightmare especially in front of goal but his all round play was poor. He didn't hold the ball up and he was back looking like he wished he was somewhere else. Lennon did absolutely nothing - zip - until the sub left back came on and then he went past him a couple of times and got crosses in but overall - very poor. Dembele looked off the pace again, getting caught on the ball and giving away silly free kicks (knowing that West Ham score from these more than most). He was poor last time out and only his goal made him look better than his play merited.

      Holtby was doing a VDV by dropping so deep he was picking the ball up off the toes of Dawson and Caulker. Thats not where he should be is it! Verthongen was not as dominating as he has been and Parker looked like he was trying too hard. Who told him he could dribble and shoot FFS!

      All together, we were lucky to come out of that with 3 points and if we had lost I would not have been surprised. OK their goalkeeper pulled off some great saves but our play was lacklustre and there were too many players not performing anywhere near as well as they can/should.

      The fact that in a must win game and 2-1 down the only option for us was to bring on kid Carrol who has only played in 4 PL games and never scored and Livermore who has only a slightly better record but is hardly a potential match winner, says it all.

      My only hope is that Ade really wants to score against #$%$ and he does not get himself sent off again.