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  • I am really sorry that Spurs are playing #$%$, have done all season according to some on here. Man U have won the league how many times despite playing badly in lots of game?
    SOME JUST SEEM TO LIKE TO MOAN ABOUT SPURS FOR ANY REASON.. Just enjoy what we are building.
    Beginning of the season when AVB was appointed there were soo many postings deriding him. Saying we'll be lucky to finish in the top7/8 and how bad he was at Chelsea etc that he had to perform without the fans support for the first 10 or more games. How many times were the team booed off the field?

    Yes it may well be true we are not playing well but just look at the table.


    Ok we're not playing the fantastic football that the last manager had us playing but we are very well placed and still learning under AVB. Did nobody notice the celebrations after the 3rd goal. How nearly everyone, led by Bale, ran over to AVB and the coaching staff to join a big huddle. That shows how much of a team spirit we have in our squad and that can be worth a load of points over a season. We haven't showed that kind of spirit for years.

    Hopefully given a couple of seasons, and getting his players in, we may get to see the team playing as Porto did when he was there. It takes time to build a team, and a squad, and to get them playing as the coach really wants!!!!!

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    • OK so we have Bale and he happens to be playing his best football ever BUT if we didn't have him, where would we be? My guess is mid table and if that were the case a lot more fans would be moaning about AVB, Freund, Levy etc. By ignoring the way we are playing, the poor substitions, the missed goals and the lack of strikers and simply looking at the table you are putting your head in the sand.

      Point out one other team in the PL that is so heavily reliant on just one player. The only one that comes even slightly close is Manure and RVP but even that does not work as they have other strikers and midfielders that replace him regularly and score goals.

      It takes time to build a squad? Yes thanks for pointing that out but I thought we had a squad already and that this squad had already been near the top of the PL and therefore should be good enough to do so again with or without AVB. The fact is that the squad is not getting any stronger is it. Without the monster that is Bale we would not be anywhere near top 4. Thats not a strong squad is it!

      No wonder AVB is praising Bale like he is. Bale is probably the only thing keeping AVB in his job.

      IMHO we are lucky to be where we are in the PL. Luck does not last forever and before it runs out (which it will) I would like to see more being done to rectify the poor play we are witnessing.

      Yes of course, if we finish in the top 4, I will celebrate that. Will I do so knowing we played well enough to deserve being in the top 4? Not really. Will I think that it was down to AVB and his tactics? No. That feeling of euphoria that should accompany something like that will be slightly less than it should be. A bit like getting an award at work for acheiving something knowing that in fact others in your team deserved it more than you did. You accept it but it doesn't quite feel right.