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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 27, 2013 10:06 Flag

    West Ham Game

    Asking the question where would we be without Bale is a valid one in my book. Yes I appreciate we do have him but the emphasis is on relying on one player is dangerous and needs to be addressed otherwise, if we lose him through injury of him being tempted away, where are we then? Mid table as I pointed out and as was expressed in the press only today.

    I asked the question, which other PL team relies so heavily on just one player and no one replied. You have pointed out that Arsenal did with RVP and that is probably the closet comparison BUT looked what happened when he was tempted away. They have struggled to replace him or score goals and to play to the sdame standrad. If anything you pointing out the RVP situation only goes to prove my point.

    The difference between us and WHU was Bale. Other than that they did as well as us. Take Bale off and that would have been a VERY ordinary mid table clash.

    So AVB takes playeys off because they are getting a "real kicking"? Are you serious? So, apart from th efcat that that happens in every PL game and the fact that the Ref would surely have done something igf th etreatment of Holtby was THAT bad, the signal to teams we play is "if you kick us we will take our best players off" is that it?

    Carroll is more attack minded that Dembele!! Exactly how many goals has attack minded Carroll scored in the PL?Oh no, hold on, NONE. How many assists? no that is not a statistic that shouts out from anywhere. How many shots? Nope, not there either.

    You don't win games because your goallie or center back plays well - you draw them at best. Carroll and Livemore have done nothing so far IMO to say that they are anything better than average PL players. Lennon was completely ineffectual until the last 20 mins and even then he managed just two half decent crosses. Adebyor did nothing at all apart from a header which some would say he should have do ne better with. He missed a sitter that Arry's missus could have scored.

    And the table doesn't lie? Oh come on. Stat wise it doesn't but we all know that some teams deserve better that then get and others get too much.

    At the end of the day we want the same things. The only thing that differs is how we see success being achieved. I don't think AVB is the man to do it and I don't think the squad is strong enough to do it. As always, we shall see!