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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Feb 27, 2013 16:55 Flag

    Come on the Arsenal!

    I think your strike force will definately be told to test the resolve of the shaky Arsenal defence. Adebayor can be fantastic, when he can be bothered, which, as i'm sure you lot are beginning to realise, isn't that often.
    The midfield battle is going to be epic. Hopefully a great advert for the Prem, for London and for football in general. I hope the officials manage to not ruin the game.
    The atmosphere will be electric and i wish i wish i had a ticket (as i always do derby day). I hope my lot can raise their game and show what they are capable of. I happen to think Arsenal have a great squad today, just low on confidence and only now getting to really know how each other play. A lot of new players have been brought in over the last three windows.
    Above all i hope the lads do the club and Wenger proud and begin to silence those who knock our GREAT manager.
    AVB looks the part to me BTW. I think he will become a memorable Spurs manager if given time and the backing every manager deserves IMO. Better off at Spurs than Chelski that's for sure. It takes a while to really put your own stamp on a team IMO. I wouldn't judge too harshly the guys first season, wherever he happens to finish, just as i don't really judge players in their first season.

    Patience is a rare virtue where football is concerned though.

    I predict a Spurs rout at the lane and 7 points clear come the final whistle.

    • On paper the SPURS team is far superior and JW is possibly the only #$%$ at the mo who could get in the Spurs first 11,so this should really be a walk in the lane for us.
      However,derby's are allways a tough battle and provided we keep that little #$%$ wiltshire quiet we should keep the popguns with a 7 point gap between us.

    • Fab, we will ALWAYS argue that Lennon's better than Walcott!

      I suspect it won't be a great ad for the Premier League, I imagine it'll be more scrappy and petulant than skilled and beautiful with quite a lot of nervous players, but hopefully both teams will show what they're capable of and we'll trounce you 7-0...