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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Feb 28, 2013 08:30 Flag

    Adebayor's commitment

    Now you know why Arsenal fans dislike him so much (and that began waaaaay before he went to Spurs). He's just in it for the money, which is a shame because he could have been a truly great player.

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    • Truely great players play the game because they love it and they would play even if they got just enough money to survive. Truely great players have a passion for the game to sit alongside some sublime skills. You certainly can't put Ade in that category. It is the same with him wherever he goes, he starts off really well as if he has something to prove, but very soon he goes back to his real self. Slightly lazy and uncommited.

      Even when he trying very hard at the start of his time with any club I would not say he is great. His hold up play is average, his long range shooting is non existent, he misses too many relatively simple chances, he seems to be on the back foot all the time (as already mentioned) and he is not as good in the air as he should be given his height.

      So, based on that Fab, I can't agree that Ade would ever have been regarded as a truely great player.

      In fact, why have we got him again??