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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 28, 2013 08:52 Flag

    Adebayor's commitment

    What do you think it is, a commitment or boredom problem?
    He played well for us last season - if it was a 'commitment;' thing, why not simply stop playing as soon as you sign? Why in his case, play well, then re-sign and then stop playing?

    I'm still willing to give him the benefit. He missed pre-season, the got injured and was then suspended. Since then, we've struggled with scoring (you could put that down to him, but it seems a general malaise), apart from Bale.

    Personally, I still think that the difference is that last season we had Bale/VdV acting as provider and setting up as many as they scored. This season, Bale is scoring and not providing, and the VdV/Modric replacements haven't quite hit consistent form. That then reflects on the strikers.

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    • John, if he wants to get bored he can do it in his own time. We pay him too much money not to expect commitment and enthusiasm on the pitch. If you did record the 2 games, watch back and tell me when you last saw such a negative reaction after seeing your team get such important results.

      Yes he re-signed at the start of the season, but he didn't exactly rush in to it, did he. I'm sure other factors played a part, but from where I sit it was mostly to do with him collecting as much from citeh and then us.

      You're right to say he scored quite well last year, but he missed shed loads of easy chances that should have been put away. And he has continued to miss easy chances this year and seems to lack concentration, like whenever he gets the ball a little unexpectantly he is never quite ready or able to know what to do with it, whereas top players do.

      Didn't fancy him to begin with and even less now. He seems to be repeating how it went at #$%$ & City

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      • I'll give you that he appears to have a track record of it, but I like his 'style' when playing well. He holds the ball up well (he didn't against WH admittedly), brings others into play and scores.
        I prefer that style to the out and out striker like Daffy personally.

        So I suppose I'm hoping that his track record isn't how he'll be with us and that this lean spell is just that, a spell.